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Train to Machupicchu

    There are two companies that make the Ollantaytambo Train Route – Machu Picchu Pueblo: Inca Rail and PERURAIL are the only two companies




    It is the company responsible for operating the route to Machu Picchu. It has Peruvian-British capital and operates in Cusco since 1999, instead of the Peruvian Company “Enafer Peru”.

    It has different trains, services and rates. For more information, contact us info@trapukiperutours.com

    • Vistadome:It’s a train, whose cars are spacious with panoramic windows and surrounded entirely of glass; which, allows you to take photos from different angles. Offers assistance on board, air conditioning, heating and leather seats. It has attention of typical meal on board.
    • Expedition: The expedition has cars completely covered with panoramic windows and onboard service.
    • Belmond Hiram Bingham:It is an exclusive luxury train with an all inclusive service. This service has 4 cars; dining car, bar car, kitchen car and observatory. It can carry 84 passengers. The service includes: appetizers, wine, musical entertainment, a tour guide for every 14 passengers, tickets and transportation to Machu Picchu, gourmet dinner.




    It is a Peruvian company, alternative to Peru Rail, which provides rail transport services Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu for domestic and foreign. It’s part of the business group CROSLAND has a fleet of nine self-wagons “Inca Train”, seven Executive Service with capacity for 42 people, one of First Class with capacity for 30 passengers and a Presidential wagon with capacity of 8 passengers, it has onboard service.

    Inside, the cars have been coated and worked by Peruvian technicians, it has comfortable seats, folding tables and panoramic windows.

    The train to Machu Picchu

    It began operations in June 2014, has 6 car train cars are modern interior design with comfortable seating and folding tables, acclimated with Latin American music, onboard service, has a selection of beverages made with fruits and Andean herbs.

    The Inca Train

    It offers 3 classes of service:

    Presidential Services

    Luxury and privacy distinguish this service running board of the famous Inca Princess. Luxury car finely decorated with wood paneling, comfortable seating, panoramic windows and tables dressed with the finest details are part of this exquisite service. The Presidential Service includes an amazing tasting menu with the delicate flavors of the renowned Peruvian cuisine, paired with the best wines of the region. Also free and bar Tea Time in the prestigious Machu Picchu Inkaterra are included.

    First class

    A luxury service that ensures converts your visit to Machu Picchu on an unforgettable journey. Service on board includes welcome cocktail, lunch and dinner prepared with Andean ingredients, many of them organic, white or red wine, and finally the inevitable delicate desserts accompanied Peruvian organic coffee and the finest selection of fruit and herbal infusions.

    Executive Service

    A leisurely trip aboard wagons beautiful and comfortable seating. Executive Service cars have panoramic windows that let you enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Service on board includes a fine selection of biscuits and snacks made with natural ingredients without chemicals or preservatives; plus a wide selection of hot and cold natural drinks.

    Tourist Service

    For those who want comfort at the best price, the Tourist Service is the best choice of the route to Machu Picchu. The service includes one drink.



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